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WV Athletics Department

Wapsie Valley Community Schools sponsors many, many junior high, 9th grade, JV, and varsity sports, and over 75% of our student body participates in at least one athletic activity throughout the year. Multiple levels of competition provide student-athletes opportunities to participate, to improve their skill level, to be successful on the field or court, and to develop qualities that will propel them to success beyond high school athletics. Visit our school, and you’ll see the trophies that remind us of the high level of win-loss success we’ve experienced, and visit with our graduates who will remind you that being a student-athlete at Wapsie Valley is something they’ll probably never forget.

For those students who participate in sports not currently sponsored by the district, the Wapsie Valley Board of Directors, building principal, and activities director have fostered sharing agreements with neighboring schools to further supplement the opportunities for participation that we provide to our student body. For more information about our athletic program, please don’t hesitate to contact the school (319-638-6711).