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Wapsie Valley History
This page is a collection of the history of Wapsie Valley. It was created by the 2015 Modern U.S. History Class. The page holds a collection of several topics about the history of Wapsie Valley. Please keep in mind that information over each topic is pieced together as well as the author of that topic was able to. Not all information may be completely accurate. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at website@wapsievalleyschools.org
​Topics of History at Wapsie Valley:

Tyler Haberman - ​Enrollment Numbers - Enrollment Numbers Table

Tyler Haberman - Men's Track Records - Record Holder's Table

Armando Silva, Jr. - Men's State Track Participants - Men's State Track Participants 

Armando Silva, Jr. - School Building Changes - Building Changes

​Parker Kerns - How WVHS Started - Wapsie Valleys Beginning 

Parker Kerns - Top Sports Achievements - Sports Achievements Document

Parker Kerns - Technology - Chromebooks

David Garlow - Math Staff - Staff Document

David Garlow - Technology - Technology Document
Armando Silva, Jr. - Staff - Superintendents and Principles

Armando Silva, Jr. - School Lunches - School Lunch Document

Lindsey Buhr - Post Graduate - Post Graduate Information

Tyler Haberman - Uniforms - Girls Basketball Uniforms

Austin Jeanes - Fashion - Wapsie Valley Fashion

Lindsey Buhr - Girl's Basketball - Girl's Basketball History

Austin Jeanes -  Budget - Enrollment Budget