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WV Education Foundation



Contributions can be made through PayPal OR through your credit card

Or mailed to: PO Box 204 Fairbank, IA 50629


Because of the tremendous support from our community we have funded numerous classroom grants!

Here’s just a sampling of what these funds go to:

  • Microscopes
  • iPads
  • Literacy Week Books
  • Dry Erase Tables
  • Incubators
  • ELP Programs Robotics
  • Next Generation Science Kits
  • PreK Outdoor/Indoor Play Equipment
  • Flexible Seating
  • General Music Curriculum & Instruments
  • Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum
  • Camp EWALU Trip
  • Whiteboard Tables
  • Math Class Document Cameras
  • Science Class Student Dry Erase Boards
  • Art Department Display Boards
  • Art Room Ceramic Tools & Equipment
  • Industrial Technology Equipment
  • Updated Maps
  • and much more


2021 Scholarship Recipients

RTC Communications Scholarship $1000 – Lydia  Imbrogno

Carlene Werner Memorial Scholarship $500 – Ellie Neil

Carlene Werner Memorial Scholarship $500 – Bridget Seemann

WVEF Scholarship $500 – Mary Bodensteiner

WVEF Scholarship $500 – Elly Schares

WVEF Scholarship $500 –Jada Aiello

Hook N Liner Sportsmans Club Scholarship $500 – Gavin Leistikow

Hook N Liner Sportsmans Club Scholarship $500 – Sydnie Martin

Liestikow Scholarship $400 – Gavin Liestikow

Liestikow Scholarship $400 – Lydia Imbrogno

Liestikow Scholarship $400 – Ellie Neil

Liestikow Scholarship $400 – Mary Bodensteiner


Wapsie Valley Education Foundation Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Wapsie Valley Education Foundation is to promote educational excellence by providing financial resources to support and enhance the education programs for all students and staff of the Wapsie Valley Community School District and serve as a means to accept contributions, gifts and bequests. 


The Foundation’s members thank all the businesses and individuals that have contributed to the Foundatin since its creation in 2002.  We applaud the students, faculty and administration for all they have done to move forward with the 2022-2023 school year in spite of the hurdles they have faced.

Please help us continue to build on the tradition of excellence established at Wapsie Valley by participating in our vitual event.

Over $500,000 raised in 19 years for Wapsie Valley student programs and scholarships.


Board Members of the Wapsie Valley Education Foundation 

  • Tom Risse, President 
  • Mischa Matthias, Vice President 
  • Joey Ridgon, Treasurer 
  • Sylvia Casterton, Secretary
  • Jill Krall, Financial Secretary
  • Tanya Hagenow
  • Annette Hyde
  • Tina Kaufman
  • Lisa Oberle 
  • Doug Sheppard
  • Marilyn Steggall