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Wapsie Valley Robotics Robo Warriors


The Wapsie Valley High School Robo Warriors Robotics Team exists to encourage the development of students’ interests in the areas of math and science. By doing so, the program prepares young minds to work and thrive in our increasingly technological world and global economy.

Through the program, students are able to:

  • Apply engineering principles to the design, build, and operation of robots for competitions

  • Learn and use CAD and other engineering software

  • Hands-on experience with multi-disciplinary collaborative problem solving

  • Program robots for both autonomous and human operated modes

  • Travel to competitions

  • Volunteer in their community

  • Network with industry and engineering firms and companies

In order to make this journey successful, the team needs support from the community on several different levels. One of the most effective ways to support the Wapsie Valley Robo Warriors Robotics Team is to sponsor us financially. By contributing monetary support, the team will be able to purchase necessary materials and tools to construct the robot; in return, we offer several benefits, including advertising space on the robot itself (see packet for more details about financial support).

2018-2019 Team Photo1 11 2020 Event 6 League Tournament Denver Team Photo

2020-2021 Team Photo